Cutting the Cord (or Destroying the Satellite Dish)

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Cancel cable or Satellite subscription and save money

A lot of people are tired of paying high prices for cable/satellite subscriptions. The average customer pays over $100 a month for their subscription. With free over the air boadcast and streaming services, many of us have already cut the cord. Below is some information on what you need for alternatives to cable or satellite subscription.

Over the Air Broadcast

You may already have the necessary equipment for "over the air"(OTA) broadcast. If not, take a look at the list below.

Modern TVs are built to process digital broadcasts. If you have an older analog model, you will have to buy a digital TV convertor box to view OTA broadcasts. Once you have an antenna connected you will have to scan for TV stations. You will use your remote to navigate to the setup for programming the channels. Each TV is different, but for mine, I select 'Menu' from the remote and then from the screen, I make the following selections "Setup -> Program channel -> Auto". It is fairly straight forward.

Do NOT fall for the hype that there is a special antenna for HDTV or digital TV. If you already have an old antenna and you are satisfied with the performance then there is no neeed to buy another antenna. Even if you buy the best antenna on the market, you may still have a problem with reception. When the manufacturers of the antenna claim it has a range of say 60 miles, this is assuming there are no obstacles (building, hills, trees, etc.) between your location and the broadcast station. If you live close to the broadcast stations, you may be able to get by with a small indoor antenna. In other cases (such as mine), you may need to have use an outdoor antenna mounted high on a mast. In my case, I needed to mount my antenna high in order to get above (or nearly above) the tree tops. The picture above shows my rooftop antenna.

A rotator is also nice to have. In my case, I receive broadcasts from two different cities which are located in opposite directions. I need to point my antenna in one direction to receive the stations form one city, and then reposition the antenna to get stations from the other city.


Besides OTA broadcast, you will probably want to view shows that are streamed over the internet. This means that you will have to have access to the internet and you will need either a streaming device or a smart TV.

A smart TV has streaming hardware built into the TV. Although smart TVs are user friendly for for streaming, there are some disadvantages as shown below: